She worked as part of a team of Paddington escorts in West London

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She was an amazing looking girl and we always had such a good time together. Then, suddenly for what appeared to be no reason at all I was not able to book a date with her.

I phoned the agency which her and her fellow Paddington escorts worked for and I was told that Lou was not available anymore. There was no real explanation as to what had happened, and whilst I dated other Paddington escorts I was not able to forget my Lou.

One Saturday afternoon I was on a double date with two Paddington escorts from another premium agency which I used from time to time. We were curled up in bed watching porn movies when I had the shock of my life.

Suddenly my Lou Lou’s face popped up in the middle of screen. There she was giving some big black guy a hand job out of this world, and I just could not believe it.

Both my Paddington escorts seemed to be fairly relaxed about it, and explained that the girl used to be a London based escort but she had now hit the big time in the US porn industry.

It turned out that my Lou was the rising porn star of erotic movies, and it was unlikely I was going to be able to see her again.

I spent the next couple of weeks dating Paddington escorts from various London agencies but I could not get Lou of my mind. None of the Paddington escorts that I met matched her sexual stamina and overall vitality. To be honest, I was getting serious withdrawal symptoms and I was by now craving Lou Lou’s touch and presence.

I knew that the erotic film company Lou was working was based in Los Angeles so I decided to get on a plane to see if I could find her.

Arriving in Los Angeles was a frightening experience. It is a real mega city and I simply did not know where to go. I did, however, have the name of the production company and managed to contact them. I asked if they could put me in touch with Lou as we were old friends.

A couple of hours later my mobile phone rang and it was Lou. She explained that things had happened so quickly and she was really sorry that she had not been able to get in touch. Lou said that she had also missed me and her follow Paddington escorts terribly, and suggested we get together for a drink.

I was a bit anxious to meet her again. She was the escort turned porn star, and I felt like I was about to walk down the red carpet with a celebrity.

Fortunately she did turn up on our date, and she was the same girl I remembered so fondly. I explained that I had dated many Paddington escorts after she had left but I had always really missed her.

It appeared that she felt the same way. Lou told me that she always felt that I had been more than just another date, and I still meant a lot to her as well.

To cut a long story short, I went back to London and handed in my notice. Lou and I now live happily in Los Angeles and I am so proud of my dream escort who became a celebrity porn star.

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